Overflow of my heart..

A few minutes on the grass with my head bowed down and gratitude begins to flood my heart.I remembered that my heart beats consistently and my lungs take in air effortlessly…

When I thought of the roof over my head and the food on my table,the water to drink and everything else I have…I can’t help but be grateful.

When my phone rings and its my two year old neice calling just to say hi,I’m reminded of the love of family and still I count my blessings!

This particular long weekend was Easter and that for me is of utmost importance cause I’m reminded of my savior’s love for me.What’s a girl to say save Lord you have loved me well?!

A woman…

The greatest picture I have in my mind of a woman is the one of the woman who gave birth to me.She carried me for nine months,nurtured me for years on end and exactly when I transitioned and became a woman too,the sky didn’t light up not the trumpet sound but become I did!That tells me she did something right and she did it well.

What is a woman? It may be easier to write what she isn’t using one word….she isn’t PERFECT,that’s for sure.If at all I’m doing good at being a woman then I can use myself to say that we come flawed,we fail sometimes,we get tired,we do get discouraged,and so much more.

We however find that we have to survive and so we learn to ride the tides of life,we get up again,we wipe our tears and trade them in for a smile,we have scars that remind us that we survived and we give life both literally and figuratively.

Perhaps we needed to be there to be a reminder of goodness personified.In our delicacy is intertwined a strength that can’t be feigned.If we are doing it right there should be kindness alongside the firmness.When I think of a woman I think she houses love or at least that is how it should be.I love being a woman.If the world takes time to recognize the woman,so should I!!!Happy women’s day to all!!!

The passage of time..

I still feel so young,maybe that’s why I say I turned 25 every birthday since I actually turned 25.Whoever said age is just a number was either in denial or they were absolutely right.I’m not sure which of those opinions I am buying into right now.

Time on the other hand has a different story to tell.As each day comes and goes the stark realities of the passage of time begin to sink in.I woke up today and though I didn’t feel a day older,I realized that much of the generation of my parents within my family has been put to rest and before I could process it,I found that responsibility has changed the shoulders it was resting on.

What I could get away with yesterday is not an excuse today.Everywhere I turn there are decisions waiting to be made and I’m thinking to myself..let anyone make them but me…but then there’s no one left but me…walking in shoes that feel way bigger than me.What’s a girl to do?When did we get here??Or maybe while I wasn’t paying attention my foot grew and suddenly the shoe now fits??

Year beginning thoughts..

So I’m supposed to be travelling from town A to town B this morning but I get to the coach station and find a disheartening sight…the number of people also waiting to get on one of the coaches.It then hit me that schools are reopening tomorrow hence the crowd at the station.It took me a good half hour to buy the ticket,a further hour for the bus to come but here’s what made me smile☺after all that hassle,my bags were among the last to go in but I got allocated seat number one.That might not seem like a big deal to you but it was to me!!!So I’m blogging on the bus with a front row view😎

Counting my blessings here and I do so with such gratitude because yesterday someone I literally grew up with died.He was a guy with a brilliant mind and so full of life,ok this one hit home…RIP KP#It made me remember how brief and fragile this life can be,how you shouldn’t put off living your best life now as you don’t know when exactly you will breathe your last.

Take time to notice life,take it all in and live!If its a book you have to write,do it now #note to self# if its travels that get you feeling alive,go places.Love like you live for nothing else,eat if that’s what brings out your happy#that’s my excuse☺Let your presence bring others peace and joy;dance!!!Wear that little dress that you have been keeping for the perfect occasion,just wear it!!Find an excuse to spoil yourself and be intentional when you do.Do you,the best version of you.There are no guarantees in this life,just live it!!

Year end..year beginning

For every end,there is another beginning.With every tick of the clock,2018 is fast coming to an end and is ushering in another year.Life itself is a series of beginnings and ends.Where one door closes,another one opens,such is its reality.

This year has had so much to it.I for one have had so many experiences I couldn’t accurately document it all.It has been a journey.Sometimes I stop and look back,I get to wonder how I survived some stuff.There have also been those moments where I wished I could make time stand still,where I wish i could relive some experiences but there have also been those which I wish I could erase but thankfully those have been few.

I feel like I’m standing on the edge of the waters on this picture.As picture perfect as the sight is,water is wet and the path is rocky but that’s what adds to the beauty of it all.So it is with life,it is composed of a whole lot of happenings but when u gaze upon it from a holistic point you will find it weaves a pattern of wholeness and dare I say beauty when we allow it to mould us into the best we can be.

Whatever 2018 has been to you,it is ending.Carry forward goodness,let go of the hurts and disappointment you may have encountered.Remember the bigger picture then embrace the new canvas 2019 is and paint a new picture with the colors you want it to have from the pallet of love,peace,patience,goodness,kindness and so much more.The brush is in your hands,the picture is in your mind but bring it to life.Let those that stand on the shores of your life find pleasure and bask in the light of your goodness.

Compliments of the season and best wishes for the coming year xx

What do you have?

Before i got out bed this morning,i had so much going through my mind. As I scrolled down my feed on Instagram I came across Somgaga [Somizi]. When I thought of him I had to admit, he is a person that knows no limits with his abilities. He is an entertainer, he can cook, he can arrange flowers, he is a model etc. He has learnt how to use his personality to make him money, I had to stop and admire that about him.

It got me thinking. What do I have? Each of us is gifted in one way or another but sometimes we don’t pay attention to what will distinguish us from everyone else. We sometimes disqualify ourselves because no one does it the way you do. Have you ever heard of trailblazers? They set out on the path seldom trod and cut a new path for others to follow. Set your own trends, give yourself permission to live from the inside out. You will be pleasantly amazed to see what lies inside of you.

When you find what you have, work it till it works for you. Make your offering meaningful, let every breath you take count for something. Aim for a limitless sky, draw from a ceaseless supply. Redefine amazing and live in your light!!!When you get there, shine!

#a peacock don’t need no permission to display its magnificence, pick a leaf from that!!



It has been so hot,too hot for my liking.I was trying so hard to “pack it in”,but I was struggling not to whinge.Maybe the hot season isn’t quite my favorite season.It’s so much easier to try and keep warm than it is to cool down,well at least in my books that is.

Just because I have a preference for cooler weather,doesn’t mean I can skip the season all together.So it is with life,it is programmed in seasons and some are more bearable than others but that don’t mean you can overwrite what it comes with.

Each season in life has a purpose,the sooner you accept that the better it goes.Make the most of each one,some are for growth and require so much hard work, some are for rest and the much needed breather,some are filled with much laughter,others so much grief and pain.It all works to help make you a person that has had a taste of everything wrapped up in living.

Talking of seasons,the holiday season is upon us now.That right there is one of my favorite times of the year.May this be a time of reflection of what this year has been,projection of what you want the coming year to be and thankfulness for everything including the breath you still have!