First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

It has taken me forever to do this but i think its long overdue…welcome to my blog!


Busy becoming..

I almost feel like a stranger here because I have hardly taken the time to come and express my thoughts as often as I did.How did that happen?I still have had a lot to say but maybe the happenings that time hatches out have had me preoccupied or I’ve just dropped the ball somewhere along the way as I try to make life happen in all the places that have been demanding something of me.I won’t beat myself about it,I’m just grateful that I’m still here…

Still here and enjoying the 24 hours freely given.I have afforded myself the opportunity of embracing changes that have come in torrents at some point and have also taken the courage to allow myself to evolve into what I needed to become so that the better person in me has room to show out.

There have been challenges,some more seemingly insurmountable than others but guess what?I’m still here 😊I love looking back because more than often I have had to find reference points to help me keep moving forward.I do this because I realize that there is no turning back and sometimes that takes all of me to enforce.📷 cred:VK

There have been moments where I knew exactly what I wanted or needed and those where I have been totally clueless! The best of me has come to the fore at times and then there has also just been me…I’m ok with that cause this is a combination of my perfect imperfections,nothing perfect there.

Is there anything I’ve learnt?Becoming is a process..a process that takes time.Sometimes it will give you time but sometimes it won’t because the option isn’t just there when its thrust upon you.I realize too that it’s made up of everyday and not just some days so I learn to value each day.

While were still taking inventory here,I have to say I love how life sometimes just hands you perks along the way…like persons who walk into your life and just add something to yours so beautifully.They bring an essence that you can’t help but notice and these are treasures that money cannot buy…I’m still learning to be such a one and I’m so grateful for those that are such to me.

So I’m still here…penning a script without ink which I hope to look back on and say I’m glad I took the time to live,to fully live.If I don’t get to blog about it often just know i am busy getting somewhere slowly and I am becoming…every single day!

Making strides

Every time I am winding down the days of a year of my life,I find myself looking back just to see how far I have come.Someone was lovely enough to give me a fit watch and I get to see how much walking I have done in a day.I guess my exercise of looking back helps me see what I’ve spent my days on…if I am fit on the scale of my own success.

This time last year I was telling myself I want to have done something I’ve never done before by the time I clock the next year on the calendar of my life.I am glad to say I wrote and published a book so that was one of the major highlights of my year.There was more that has happened and I realize I can’t go forward without acknowledging my Ebenezer.,.this far God has brought me.My career took on a different path,an unfamiliar one that has stretched me in more ways than one.

I have met so many people in such a short space of time.I have been stretched to occupy the room that was created for me.I have been exposed to my failures,my successes,my shortcomings,myself to say the least and I’m still a work in progress.I have so much more to learn and I am willing.

For now though,I’m glad to sit down on the turf beside the calm waters and just unwind.A place where I have no one making demands of me,right here I can be me,I can exhale and I can look ahead then forge ahead.I can get away from it all and simply unwind.I have come to value the importance of rest,it recaliberates every part that needs it.Then and only then will I be able to reach inside and bring more out of me.

If there is anything I have learnt is that making progress will require a lot from and of you but it will also need you to rest,its part of making progress.That way,the finest of you will come forth.Do what you gotta do but don’t forget the importance of stopping in your tracks to take a breath and even notice life and the details about it around you,you owe it to yourself..

Kids play…

I was invited for lunch this afternoon so I took a walk from my place to do a bit of exercise,or maybe just to create room in my tummy for food(the hidden motives of the heart revealed)☺Of all the things that could grab my attention after having lunch was when my girls told me they had prepared me food.I went and sat outside and I was “served”.The pictures attached are what my meal was.The 5 year old came to take my order(waitress) while the 8 year old had prepared the dish (chef) and came to give me the bill#gimme my money lol!The 2 year old helped serve the dessert which she kept calling the salad…day made lol!Why am I sharing this?I was fascinated at how creative the girls were.Yes they were using mud but I loved the details.From the “service” to the creative props,I actually loved playing the customer until I was billed k10,000.It starts from a tender age.It made me wonder what my girls will turn out to be in another twenty years time but I bet probably one or all three will make good money in the hospitality industry if this is their choice of games to play.Yes…I fussed over the bill and asked to speak to their manager😂😂

Overflow of my heart..

A few minutes on the grass with my head bowed down and gratitude begins to flood my heart.I remembered that my heart beats consistently and my lungs take in air effortlessly…

When I thought of the roof over my head and the food on my table,the water to drink and everything else I have…I can’t help but be grateful.

When my phone rings and its my two year old neice calling just to say hi,I’m reminded of the love of family and still I count my blessings!

This particular long weekend was Easter and that for me is of utmost importance cause I’m reminded of my savior’s love for me.What’s a girl to say save Lord you have loved me well?!

A woman…

The greatest picture I have in my mind of a woman is the one of the woman who gave birth to me.She carried me for nine months,nurtured me for years on end and exactly when I transitioned and became a woman too,the sky didn’t light up not the trumpet sound but become I did!That tells me she did something right and she did it well.

What is a woman? It may be easier to write what she isn’t using one word….she isn’t PERFECT,that’s for sure.If at all I’m doing good at being a woman then I can use myself to say that we come flawed,we fail sometimes,we get tired,we do get discouraged,and so much more.

We however find that we have to survive and so we learn to ride the tides of life,we get up again,we wipe our tears and trade them in for a smile,we have scars that remind us that we survived and we give life both literally and figuratively.

Perhaps we needed to be there to be a reminder of goodness personified.In our delicacy is intertwined a strength that can’t be feigned.If we are doing it right there should be kindness alongside the firmness.When I think of a woman I think she houses love or at least that is how it should be.I love being a woman.If the world takes time to recognize the woman,so should I!!!Happy women’s day to all!!!

The passage of time..

I still feel so young,maybe that’s why I say I turned 25 every birthday since I actually turned 25.Whoever said age is just a number was either in denial or they were absolutely right.I’m not sure which of those opinions I am buying into right now.

Time on the other hand has a different story to tell.As each day comes and goes the stark realities of the passage of time begin to sink in.I woke up today and though I didn’t feel a day older,I realized that much of the generation of my parents within my family has been put to rest and before I could process it,I found that responsibility has changed the shoulders it was resting on.

What I could get away with yesterday is not an excuse today.Everywhere I turn there are decisions waiting to be made and I’m thinking to myself..let anyone make them but me…but then there’s no one left but me…walking in shoes that feel way bigger than me.What’s a girl to do?When did we get here??Or maybe while I wasn’t paying attention my foot grew and suddenly the shoe now fits??

Year beginning thoughts..

So I’m supposed to be travelling from town A to town B this morning but I get to the coach station and find a disheartening sight…the number of people also waiting to get on one of the coaches.It then hit me that schools are reopening tomorrow hence the crowd at the station.It took me a good half hour to buy the ticket,a further hour for the bus to come but here’s what made me smile☺after all that hassle,my bags were among the last to go in but I got allocated seat number one.That might not seem like a big deal to you but it was to me!!!So I’m blogging on the bus with a front row view😎

Counting my blessings here and I do so with such gratitude because yesterday someone I literally grew up with died.He was a guy with a brilliant mind and so full of life,ok this one hit home…RIP KP#It made me remember how brief and fragile this life can be,how you shouldn’t put off living your best life now as you don’t know when exactly you will breathe your last.

Take time to notice life,take it all in and live!If its a book you have to write,do it now #note to self# if its travels that get you feeling alive,go places.Love like you live for nothing else,eat if that’s what brings out your happy#that’s my excuse☺Let your presence bring others peace and joy;dance!!!Wear that little dress that you have been keeping for the perfect occasion,just wear it!!Find an excuse to spoil yourself and be intentional when you do.Do you,the best version of you.There are no guarantees in this life,just live it!!