First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


It has taken me forever to do this but i think its long overdue…welcome to my blog!


What do you have?

Before i got out bed this morning,i had so much going through my mind. As I scrolled down my feed on Instagram I came across Somgaga [Somizi]. When I thought of him I had to admit, he is a person that knows no limits with his abilities. He is an entertainer, he can cook, he can arrange flowers, he is a model etc. He has learnt how to use his personality to make him money, I had to stop and admire that about him.

It got me thinking. What do I have? Each of us is gifted in one way or another but sometimes we don’t pay attention to what will distinguish us from everyone else. We sometimes disqualify ourselves because no one does it the way you do. Have you ever heard of trailblazers? They set out on the path seldom trod and cut a new path for others to follow. Set your own trends, give yourself permission to live from the inside out. You will be pleasantly amazed to see what lies inside of you.

When you find what you have, work it till it works for you. Make your offering meaningful, let every breath you take count for something. Aim for a limitless sky, draw from a ceaseless supply. Redefine amazing and live in your light!!!When you get there, shine!

#a peacock don’t need no permission to display its magnificence, pick a leaf from that!!



It has been so hot,too hot for my liking.I was trying so hard to “pack it in”,but I was struggling not to whinge.Maybe the hot season isn’t quite my favorite season.It’s so much easier to try and keep warm than it is to cool down,well at least in my books that is.

Just because I have a preference for cooler weather,doesn’t mean I can skip the season all together.So it is with life,it is programmed in seasons and some are more bearable than others but that don’t mean you can overwrite what it comes with.

Each season in life has a purpose,the sooner you accept that the better it goes.Make the most of each one,some are for growth and require so much hard work, some are for rest and the much needed breather,some are filled with much laughter,others so much grief and pain.It all works to help make you a person that has had a taste of everything wrapped up in living.

Talking of seasons,the holiday season is upon us now.That right there is one of my favorite times of the year.May this be a time of reflection of what this year has been,projection of what you want the coming year to be and thankfulness for everything including the breath you still have!

Wonders to behold

So last night there was a lunar eclipse, I have to say it was quite a sight. I am blessed enough to have witnessed both a solar and a lunar eclipse in my lifetime and these are things that don’t happen every day. The total  solar eclipse of 21 June, 2001 that I got to view, happened in the late afternoon and we had to have on some  eye gear so that we could gaze upon the brilliance of the sight. I remember  watching the temporal darkness set in  and watching it pass and life going on. This time around, I stood outside late last night seeing it with my naked eyes and watching the moon change color till it became the famous blood moon color, so many thoughts ran through my mind. Clear among them was the magnificence of God’s creation…

I went back indoors and picked up my phone to look at some clips I recorded a few months ago.  The sight i had just seen reminded me of another wonder these eyes have beheld which also left me in awe, our mighty Mosi-o-Tunya or as some know it, the Victoria falls. That was another sight that had  captured my heart because of it’s literally breath taking beauty. With what my eyes had just witnessed and the nostalgia it triggered, I drifted into sleep with a smile on my face thinking to myself “Lord, these wonders remind me of how great you  truly are”

on a breakfast date with me

Woke up this morning and I hit the shower when the idea came to my mind that it has been a while since I had a proper date with me. So I got all dolled up and jumped into lil’ blue (my car) and drove to a place which isn’t quite my favorite hangout of all times but it would have to do for now. I needed some motivation so that I could sit and write. I have always had so much to say but sometimes it’s all just in my head. Sometimes it needs to have an outlet..

As I sat having paid for my breakfast, waiting to be served I took a look around the joint. I noticed two tables were getting fuller by the moment. Two different spots but clearly as I saw the number of occupants at the tables increase I realized, they all decided to meet up for a cuppa tea and a chat. Sometimes you just need that to help break you out of routine. At times it’s the only way you get to catch up with your buddies because life can get so busy we let important things start to slip away..like those friends that still stick around your crazy self even though you also agree that they honestly should know better lol!

In my case I just needed to breathe, to get a different view from my everyday and also to convince myself that I still possess the skills of dining etiquette just incase I will need to use them for some really important occasion lol! There also is that reason that made me do what I did today…just loving on me!!!Be kind to yourself, do it for no special reason. Finally the food came and I said a prayer to make sure God also knows that I’m grateful and I began to indulge without reservation. It’s the simple pleasures of life that make it worth living…and I know it’s gonna be a lovely day!!!!



If you know you’re a dreamer…..Do not compare yourself to others, you have a race to run and you have been equipped a certain way and that ought to help you survive and even thrive along the journey that you have to walk. Sometimes your choices may seem bizarre in the eyes of others and that is to be expected if you’re going to get to any place of significance, but be prepared to go out on a limb for what you know is the way you need to go. You don’t owe people explanations because as long as no one can see what is driving you, you may not make much sense. As you follow your heart, you will find that along the way you will start to meet the people that will help you along your journey. You just need to believe in your dream,if you don’t, nobody else will!

You are carrying it just like a pregnant woman. You may have many crazy symptoms to deal with as a result of that which you are carrying. The bigger it gets, the more visible it may be to others but it still remains your baby until you bring to birth. That is the time others can come and hold your baby. It’s no smooth ride but it grows under your heart long enough for you to be protective of it. It will require everything about you, it sometimes may even overwhelm you but that’s because a dream just like a baby, when it comes forth will change the lives of those around and yourself inclusive. What are you pregnant with? How far along are you? Everyday will teach you something new. Sometimes you will get stuff wrong but that too is your teacher, no one is born perfect.

Like a baby, everyday it will grow and so will you. You will learn along the way what it needs in order to grow better and what that does is it grows you too in the process because you are the one that gave it life. Others may lend a helping hand but ultimately it is your baby and so love your dream turned reality, with all you’ve got. Let it challenge others to want to dream too, let it change the circumstances of those around, let it light your life as you find fulfillment in living the dream and keep on dreaming…that right there then becomes truly living!!0223181052i